Creative Solutions

I am sharing my experience working with Integrated Interiors and more specifically Elissa Shreiner.  First, Elissa joined our project in 2017 and was instrumental in not only providing design concepts, but a wealth of knowledge in managing the day to day process of our project. She provided very creative solutions to maximizing our space that was not only functional but within our budget. Elissa provided options and then worked within our budget providing an upscale look without the cost. Now, two years later I am once again reaching out to Integrated Interiors to assist my client with a “facelift” and know that we are in the best professional hands. I recommend Elissa and Integrated Interiors for any project without reservation.
-Pamela R. Stoneburner, CEO, Stoneburner Consulting, LLC

Complete Confidence

As a commercial real estate broker who specializes in healthcare I often get asked by clients for recommendations for a space designer. After having worked with Elissa on several projects I have complete confidence in recommending her services. Clients appreciate her knowledge, attention to detail and timelines, her style of design and cost efficiency. All of our mutual clients have had nothing but positive things to say about Elissa and her work.
-Amanda Riepe

Team Player

When leasing commercial office space you work with very limited time schedules to get plans and pricing back to evaluate the numbers, before making a proposal to the prospective Tenant. Working with Integrated Interiors has proven to be very valuable in respect to faster turn-around times for plans.The most difficult space we build is medical. Elissa has designed almost all of the medical space we have in the building and everyone that has worked with her has made a point of telling us how happy they were in working with Integrated Interiors. When you make Doctors happy you have done your job.I have had designers in the past not follow the guidelines of the Landlord and take direction from the prospect when designing a space. We all have building standards for a reason and Elissa has always been able to assist prospective tenants in getting what they want while following the Landlords standards.
-Steve Beverly

Understood Our Vision

After careful review of written proposals and meetings with several designers, it was clear that Elissa with Integrated Interiors understood our vision and was able to effectively develop a plan that mirrored our true intent for the space. We began this project with a broad idea of what we wanted in a patient friendly, welcoming space but were uncertain of many of the finer details of design. Elissa quickly took our ideas and expanded them in a way that provided elegant detail that flawlessly blended with our established vision for the clinic. Aside from the astonishing product that came from her diligent work on this project, the most beneficial aspect of our relationship with Integrated Interiors was the personal attention that Elissa provided us. Our thoughts were never a burden for her. She took the time to clearly understand our ideas in order to implement them in a way that represented our desires for the space. She always took our calls and responded to our emails with timeliness and grace, ensuring that we understood that our input was an integral part of the process. Elissa came to the table with the experience needed to fill in the gaps in our concept of the space. She was able to integrate sophisticated details that made all the difference. The final product is a highly functional, beautiful space that has garnered the praise of everyone that walks through our doors.
-Stephen Tolson

Responsive & Attentive

We chose Integrated Interiors based on our positive experience working together on previous projects.  Elissa was able to dedicate a lot of time to our project and keep things moving forward even when we felt too busy to do so. Her attentiveness to our project helped us make the decisions that were best for our situation. Elissa helped us achieve the outcome we were looking for while keeping the project within our budget. She was also very responsive and attentive to the few issues that occurred during the renovation. Elissa spent a lot of time with us on ideas, providing samples, reviewing options, etc. You could tell that a lot of time was spent on her end preparing for meetings with us by listening to what we wanted, and bringing ideas to support or thoughts. I would say that attentiveness to the project, focusing on the requests of the client, and supporting the project through completion are all qualities that are present with Integrated Interiors making Elissa a great choice for Interior Design services.
-Ross Bush

Attention to Detail

Integrated Interiors will work with you to achieve the results you want for your project and will ensure that all components of the project work together in concert. Integrated Interiors has the following characteristics that help me achieve the desired result: personal attention to detail, thoughtful insight, strong recommendations, experience and follow-up with all working parts of the project. Integrated Interiors wants the client happy and will accept feedback for the desired result. The desired result was achieved and my medical office looks great!
-Dr. Jason Hayes

Efficient Communication

The relationship between the architects, designers, clients and contractors on a project is paramount to the success of every project. Frequent and efficient communication is the key to keeping projects on task and on budget, and Integrated Interiors works closely with the entire team to ensure goals and schedules are met.Integrated Interiors worked with us from start to finish to answer RFI’s and approve submittals quickly, an important part of keeping projects on track. Integrated Interiors lives up to their name by integrating all the parts towards the common goal.Integrated Interiors does not only design beautiful spaces, they understand what it takes to bring them to life. Integrated Interiors works just as well with General Contractors as they do their clients to collaborate and build beautiful spaces.
-Mark Koehler, Merit Construction Company

Right Team for the Job

After meeting with Elissa and reviewing her credentials, we were easily convinced that Integrated Interiors was indeed the right team for the job. Elissa is extremely professional, she did not hesitate to visit us and our space and she worked hard to make sure the space and final design fit our needs.Aside from working with a great team, we were able to complete multiple parts of the project including the design phase, execution of the design exactly as we requested and the project management phase all with the Elissa and her team. It was refreshing to have one team meet so many of our needs in an efficient manner who wasn’t afraid to roll-up their sleeves and comb through every detail.They simply went above and beyond. Elissa was always available to accept calls, come out to the space to meet if there were questions or concerns and she was instrumental in visiting the site throughout the construction phase to ensure that everything was handled properly.Integrated Interiors was also extremely helpful in assisting us with managing our budget for the project. They provided great ideas and material alternatives that still provided the quality and durability that we needed. Time, extended effort, professionalism, budget management skills and dedication to the project is what we received.The Integrated Team devoted the extra time and effort to our project to ensure that it stayed on budget and that we still achieved the final product that we desired. We were pleased that our final project was under budget and that we still managed to achieve the beautiful, spacious and inviting space that we wanted. We have never experienced a construction project that finalized under budget, but I will say that Elissa and her team were instrumental in helping us achieve it. Their hard work and dedication resulted in our project success.Elissa always has a calm demeanor and a very professional attitude. These attributes complement her talents with design and execution. She does not hesitate to research resources and pricing, regularly touch-base with her clients and to make sure that the design as well as the construction execution meets and in most cases, exceeds the customer’s expectation. If given the chance, she will deliver and that is priceless.
-Nara Watson